Mobile Aircraft Tracking System

Mobile Aircraft Tracking System

The Mobile Aircraft Tracking System (MATS) is a low-cost portable air traffic surveillance system. The MATS is intended to provide a local capability supporting the safe operation of unmanned aircraft in non-segregated civilian airspace.

The primary mission of the MATS is to detect and track local airspace users and to provide this information to:

The MATS, under development by Boeing Research & Technology Australia and Insitu Pacific is capable of detecting non-cooperative aircraft over a short to medium range. The MATS includes a primary radar and Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) receiver, operator display, communications and data management systems.

MATS Architecture

Traffic information can then be used to provide an accurate situational awareness of the local air traffic environment. Information on the location and intent of other airspace users can then be used to maintain safe separation between manned and unmanned airspace users or as an additional surveillance information feed to the automated airspace management system.